Explore the Basque Country

A magnificent region within reach

The Basque Country is a unique region rich in culture, tradition and history. Located between France and Spain, this region is famous for its mountainous landscapes, picturesque villages and sandy beaches. The Basque culture is also very present, with its traditional dances, songs, sports and colorful festivals. But the Basque Country is also a region rich in gastronomy, with typical dishes such as the famous Espelette pepper, Bayonne ham and sheep's cheese. Local products are honored in markets and restaurants, where chefs use them to create innovative and delicious dishes.


In addition to its culture and gastronomy, the Basque Country is also a popular destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The mountains offer hiking trails for walkers, ski slopes for skiers and paragliding spots for the more adventurous. 

4 Basque pelota players

The beaches also offer water sports activities such as surfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding. Finally, the Basque Country is a real gem for architecture lovers, with its medieval villages, Gothic churches and modern buildings.

Building design in Bayonne

In short, the Basque Country is a region rich in history, culture, gastronomy and sports. Its diversity makes it an ideal destination for travelers looking for authentic and memorable experiences.